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NEW VENDOR ACCOUNT MINIMUM $100 Thank you for your interest in buying wholesale from us. Buying wholesale from us is easy. Simply complete your New Vendor Set up by completing the order. Any subsequent order must be at least $50 before we ship. Remember that we have over 50,000 products that are not yet on the website, so you can email the items you also don't see on the site. Upon receipt of your list and set-up order of $100, we'll process your order and contact you with the total. The $100 vendor charge will be deducted from your order total. NEW VENDOR Our base discount is 40%, however there are some items that we offer up to 50% on volume orders. We will periodically email you a list with our overstock items and those items must be ordered along with the list they appear in. All wholesale orders must be accompanied by a resale certificate before shipping. Finally all our orders are shipped within 2 days of receiving order and all back-orders are shipped within 7 days.
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