Classical Music, Racism And Perceptions
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Classical Music, Racism And Perceptions: A Reference Source for Recounting of African-American Pioneers and Contemporaries Otis D. Alexander ISBN: 1-59232-761-3 $20.00 This reference tool challenges and supplements the world of “European Classical Music” and its relationship to Black classically trained and educated performers. It also highlights the recounting of African-American musical pioneers as well as contemporaries, along with the restricting impact of racism. Here, the perceptions of performing artists and music educators from several selected are evident that the full potentials of these artists have been altered primarily because of ethnicity. However, these artists persevered and were able to turn a negative force into becoming the greatest under the circumstances of sheer ignorance and fear. The author includes a a brief biographical sketch on each musician as there is an extensive bibliography, black and white photographs, and functional appendices.
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Classical Music, Racism And Perceptions

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